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"The Wee Pie Company defines what a real pie should be; a well sourced, seasonal, honest and top quality filling encased in

a perfectly crisp pastry. You can tell Rose puts complete passion into every pie, every time with every bite, simply sensational!"
Graeme Pallister, Patron Chef, 63 Tay St

The Wee Pie Company specialises in artisan wild game pies and accompanying savoury products including raised game pies and hot water pastry pies, . The sizes range from ‘Wee Pies’ which are small & bespoke to medium & larger pies that can feed up to 10 hungry people.
What do you need with a pie! A crust dunker! And why not try our soon to be famous Crust Dunker Ketchup or Crust Dunker Brown. Both of our ‘ketchup’ pouring sauces are vegetable based & truly delicious & of course, are just perfect for any of our pies, hot or cold.

We have a passion for provenance & ensure all of our game meats are sourced locally in Perthshire, our venison is sourced from wild red deer & all of our vegetables are sourced locally. Our ethos is to ensure that all of the ingredients used are closest as possible to source with an aim to grow more than 40% of our own vegetables next year.

The Wee Pie Company recipes are original & unique, having been developed over many years. Traditional cooking methods are used to ensure that the quality & flavour of the ingredients is enhanced & locked in to each pie, giving you a mouth watering surprise with every bite.

Each pie is a pure delight, an original flavour combination packed with chunks of meat, sleeping with their own sauces, encased in crisp & flaky pastry, one is just not enough!

Fresh, seasonal & exciting is an understatement to describe the mouth watering experience that hits you when tasting these phenomenal cold water pastry pies. Feast your eyes on our wide selection of products, all local, all handmade & all from The Wee Pie Company.

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